Allow me to introduce myself! My name is John Scott.  

I play saxophone, acoustic and electric guitars, and I sing.  I am a musician and an entertainer.  I quite often receive comments about what an enjoyable show I put on.  (Please visit my reference page to read a sampling of what others say).  I perform some songs with solo acoustic guitar and others over tracks that merely provide a fuller sound (so I sound like a one-man band).  I have my tracks on a laptop so I'm able to quickly change to accommodate requests.  My sound system is a Bose L1 Tower model which is very portable yet spreads the sound evenly throughout the room.

I specialize in a variety of genres and eras of music.  I perform at senior centers, wineries, weddings, receptions, etc. For these functions, I put on a show with everything from Sinatra to Johnny Cash to Dean Martin to Rock Around the Clock.  When I perform at wineries and cafes (such as Rendezvous where I perform typically once per month), I work in those songs if it fits the crowd or is requested.  But, I also play a whole different selection (for instance, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Crosby Still Nash, Eric Clapton, Beatles, etc.)

I have two sets of song lists (and am open to requests).  Find my song lists here:

I look forward to talking with you after you have had a chance to look over my information and setting a date when I can come entertain for your event.  For specific pricing, please contact me:

John Scott * (636) 978-8721 * (314) 302-0073 (Cell) * (email) * (Website) *

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